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To date, the Inspiring Enterprise project has helped over 900 people build a better future. We could not have done this without our enthusiastic, skilled  and committed project teams. Here are some of the things our participants said about the help they received from our business advisors, our activities and support. Contact us today to get support to start your own business or become self-employed!

"Mentor - we were given two mentors, one in the world-wide education sector, and one in the arts. Both provided us with valuable advice and tips to help get our company off the ground. Workshops - these were our favourite part. These workshops gave us all the information we needed to know in regarding to starting a business. The key ones for our company were the workshops about social media, trademarking, and funding. Networking - we only attended one but it was very enjoyable. Facebook - we enjoyed being able to see what other individuals and groups get up to and how the project helped them." RL

"Thank you. I couldn't have done it without your belief in me. I shall keep reminding myself of your encouragement! Thank you."

“I found the support positive, practical and life-affirming - and wouldn’t have had the energy or self-belief to start my business if it hadn’t been for my business specialist and the fantastic Inspiring Enterprise project.”

“My Business Support Mentor is brilliant! He has the experience of being a business owner and is open-minded and encouraging regarding my ideas. I really feel supported on my entrepreneurial journey. I had an introductory session which was great but I am not sure if it was called "Is it for me?" Although I haven't been successful yet, I am much more motivated and positive than before and would greatly appreciate more Business Mentoring.” BT

“Just a note to say thank you for your support during my time on the Inspiring Enterprise programme. Providing your shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and your brain power in trying to overcome my business’s many obstacles has been very much appreciated. With my gratitude and fond good wishes.”

“I worked with Susan Reviere and she was absolutely excellent. We had regular meetings, telephone contact, & emails. She was always on hand for support and advice. Her help was invaluable. I have had to take full-time work as I do not have funds to support myself at the moment but, I hope to continue with my business at some point in the future. I know that I have an excellent business plan, and budgets to fall back on, and I will be able to keep it current for when I am able to progress it further. Without Inspiring Enterprise I wouldn't be in such a great position to go forward with this. For that I owe Susan and the scheme a great debt of thanks & I feel confident that I will have my own business one day.” KF

“The program really helped me decide to follow up on my ideas and motivated me to work hard on them. The help, support and guidance is excellent and I am glad I attended it. Am volunteering as well to get ideas of how it will be to run a business. Great programme and excellent service.” FO

“Richard is a great guy!! I thought he was very helpful, honest, knowledgeable, realistic and empathised with me and my situation. He is full of positivity and helped me see things in a clear perspective but also instilled some confidence in myself! I greatly appreciate all his help. I'll never forget what he's done to help me, I am truly thankful! PM, now working as a handyman/plumbing and heating engineer."

“Everything used above was really informative and interesting. :)” EW

“The support I have had from my Mentor and the Introductory session and workshops have all been very good, very helpful and supportive. They have helped make this stage of my life and career a pleasant experience backed by encouraging and motivating and relevant advice. I am not sure what they could have done to be upgraded to excellent. I think it is necessary for me as the self-employed entrepreneur to get my act in order do my research, make necessary commitments while being encouraged from the sidelines by Inspiring Enterprise and being made aware of the generalities of being self-employed and key considerations - which they have done most ably. The workshop about Networking was very good as were all the financial, business planning and other standard workshops. Inspiring Enterprise really do encourage 'A Can Do Approach'. It is up to me to run with it and prove their support and my business venture excellent.” PW, Self Published Author with plans has started business part-time.

“I am currently in the early stages of being a freelance animator and Illustrator with Radiant Chameleon. Starting to have some work coming in and have attended quite a few Network events and received great mentoring help from Susan Reviere." NP

“The "Is it for me Session" was an excellent supportive session which helped us to explore whether this project, to start up a Social Enterprise, would be the right match for us. It was a very supportive explorative workshop which was very Kinaesthetic and helped us explore our skills and aims/objectives by doing ' interactive activities which were fun; sociable and conducive to a good learning environment. By the end of the "Is it for Me" session we had established whether we needed to continue on to the Inspire Enterprise Training :). I have found this project extremely helpful in helping and supporting me in being more focused towards my aims/ goals” SA

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