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Building Better Futures

Supporting graduates and people out of work or employment to build the businesses and social enterprises of tomorrow

What We Do

Inspiring Enterprise helps unemployed people and graduates in Hampshire and South West Surrey develop the skills and confidence they need to build their own business or social enterprise.

We understand that starting a business or community enterprise isn’t for everyone.  But we also know there are people out there who just need a chance and have what it takes to make a success of their own life or change the lives of those around them.

Being a socially funded project, we are required to have a few criteria for the people and projects that can receive our support.

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Here When You Need Us

We know that sometimes life can be tough. Which is why we’re committed to giving a helping hand to those who want to improve their situation.

In helping you start your own business or social enterprise, our wish is to help you become financially independent and able to support yourself , your family or even others in your community.

There are many other benefits too.  Maybe one day you’d even like to employ other people so they can begin to build their own bright future, just like you.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a clear idea of what your business or project might do.  That’s usually a common start to this process.

The help and guidance we provide can help you make all the right decisions before you begin your journey.

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Experienced and Caring  

We’re proud to not only be a team who helps, but also a  team who cares. We’ve got years of experience in helping people like you develop the future they want.

Sometimes a first phone call is all it takes to help people realise what they want for their life.

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Want To Know More?

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